Row Milk Intake System (M~Dairy Application)

M~Dairy is an integrated web-based technology platform aimed at increasing access of dairy farmers to real-time, accurate, and verified dairy information and services. M~Dairy uses its platform to capture the data of dairy farmers; record and track liters of milk produced and supplied to dairy companies. It serves as a one-stop shop for dairy farmers to get all the information they need. M~Dairy works both online and aim to unlock job opportunities in the dairy sector and improve the livelihood and access to a market of dairy farmers through technology.

Benefits to the Society

Automation of Raw milk intake activities for effective and business process excellence.

    M~Dairy  Features

POS Terminal - Capture your sales and printing of receipts.

Cooler Management - Administration of all coolers on one screen, Create coolers, delete coolers, search coolers, and edit coolers.

Analytic Dashboard & reporting - This Module gives a highlight or gives all Metrics, and generates reports given different filter parameters (Date, Society e.t.c).

User Management - This module helps the system admin to create users, roles, and permissions.

Terminal Management - manage all terminals: Add terminal, Edit terminal, delete terminal, Search terminal. In addition, it incorporates management of terminal users through (Add, Edit, Delete, and Search) of terminal users.

Society management - Manage all dairy production society on one interface; Add society, delete society, edit society, search society.

Churns Management - Manage all churns used in dairy production; Add churns, Edit churns, Delete churns, and Search Churns.

Agent Banking

A banking agent in Kenya is a commercial entity that has been contracted by a commercial bank and approved by the Central Bank of Kenya to provide specific services on behalf of the bank. This entity is equipped with the skills necessary to provide basic banking services according to standards set by the Bank.

Agency banking is the delivery of financial services to customers by a third party on behalf of a licensed bank or mobile money operator (Principal). The third parties (agents) are non-bank retail agents who rely on technology such as:

  • POS (point-of-sale) terminal
  • Mobile devices
  • Card readers

Benefits to the Society

No travelling to the bank, no queues, fast transaction processing. Affordable: transaction fees are lower than branch fees. Convenient: Agents open longer hours than bank Branches and are close to where customers live, work and shop. Simple: transaction process is simple and no forms are required.